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Water Activities

Water activities in the Scout County of Hereford and Worcester

The County Water Activity Advisor (CWAA) is Rick Farr, appointed many years ago and still going strong!

To cover most of the diverse activities we have a "Family" of Assessors, appointed by virtue of their relevant Instructor grade certificates and knowledge of Scouting. Their role is to support the CWAA and assess applications from scouts and leaders. The applications are for Water Activity Authorisations which are granted dependant upon their experience and certification.

The Activity Assessors are:

Rick Farr, Dave Marchant and Malcolm Cox for Canoeing, both Canadian and Kayak.

John Barnett for Sailing

John Stribblehill for Power Boating, Narrow Boats, Pulling, rowing and stern sculling.

Each of them can arrange training courses for leaders to gain certificates in their subjects, occasionally for scouts too. This year's courses include BCU 2* for Kayaks and Canadian canoes.

Throughout the Scout County, the Water Activities Team is represented by District Water Activity Advisors for advice; DWAA's are listed below in the second column.

Boat and Canoe Registration continues to be an annual event with certificates being sent to the CWAA. It is now to be done at least every three years by an assessor on the County Water Activities Team, (the assessors for each District in the third column,) Groups will self-certify in the intermediate years.

Scout District |

District Advisor |

Boat Assessor

BromsgroveRick FarrRick Farr
EveshamSee D.C.Dave Hough
HerefordMalcolm CoxMalcolm Cox
KidderminsterNick MannNick Mann
LeominsterMalcolm CoxMalcolm Cox
MalvernSee D.C.See D.C.
PershoreSee D.C.Dave Hough
RedditchRick FarrRick Farr
Ross-on-WyeMalcolm CoxMalcolm Cox
Severn & TemeRob WilliamsDave Marchant/Rob Williams
WorcesterRob SkinnerJohn Stribblehill

Please Note:

ALL newly aquired Boats and Canoes must be assessed by the County and a registration plate fitted before the craft is used for scouting;

Dinghies, Power and Pulling boats may cause exceptions to the above list of Boat Assessors;

Severn & Teme is the district for Bewdley, Stourport & Tenbury.

Information as at 01.04

Initial contact with any or all of these Advisors and Assessors can be made through me as below:

john@waterways.arachsys.com   Tel: 01299 825783 or 07939 000645