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Water Ways

International Certificate of Competence

Water Ways is also Recognised to instruct, examine and validate applications for the ICC.

The ICC is issued in the UK, for UK nationals, through the Royal Yachting Association. It is required by persons using their motor or sailing boats in European waters other than the UK, Ireland or Scandinavia; offshore or on inland waters.

Applicants for the ICC normally require a current practical Certificate of Competence from a choice of many, including IWHC and Power Boat, NB.

Should you wish to use your ICC on European Inland Waters you will require knowledge of the CEVNI rules. Water Ways provides the relevant multi-choice exam and a copy of The RYA Book of EuroRegs for Inland Waterways at a cost of £20, essential for those waters.

The ICC is issued free to members of the RYA or otherwise £29 which is more than one year's adult subscription. Why not join up, make an immediate saving and have your voice in boating matters?

...and I don't even get a penny in commission!


  • Applicants who have non-certificated practical experience may have a direct assessment of their knowledge and skills through Water Ways for an Inland ICC, a CEVNI test as above will also be required.
  • Unless you have access to a familiar boat, little time or cost can be saved from doing the one-day IWHC and it's extremely rare for anyone not to have learnt, however experienced.
  • The minimum for coastal and/or offshore use is Power Boat with a Tidal Endorsement or RYA Day Skipper Practical, either motor or sail, none of which are currently available through Water Ways.

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