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Midland Sea Scout Committee

This body was founded over 60 years ago when one person had become ACC Sea Scouts for several neighbouring Counties in the English Midlands. He succeeded in standardising overall standards for Sea Scout Troops.

Today's Aims and Principles are little changed.

The MSSC is open to all Leaders from all Groups even loosely in the Midlands. It recognises that access to facilities is still limited for many Groups and that good practices need to be shared. Groups now have fewer people with practical skills especially with the running down of Royal, Merchant and Fishing Fleets. Our skills, knowledge and facilities are used to maintain and improve standards of Sea Scouting in particular, and Scouting generally, throughout the Midlands.

At our April Annual General Meeting we elect officers. News, views and planning dates are exchanged both then and at our late autumn weekend.

We normally have an annual PLOOT: the obligatory PL's training on the water and other Seamanship Skills.

In recent years we have hosted and run both the UK National Scout Sailing and the National Scout Pulling Competitions.

From Scout Sail '97 we established an American link with U.S.A. SS Ship 410, Seawolf in Miami. This has lead to exchange visits of Scouts and Leaders in both directions including training courses and competitions. This includes the South Western Rendezvous held annually in Southern California, previously for several years in San Diego and now to the west of Los Angeles. These have a spin-off in raising standards here and hopefully in the States too.

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